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Sun 12.25 "Have A Truth Speak Christmas!"

Hey Truth Speak Viewers...let me first and foremost wish you all out there a very Merry Christmas today and upcoming Happy New Year!

Hopefully you got everything that you wanted under the Christmas tree this morning. More importantly, I hope that you are fortunate enough to spend this time with your family, friends and loved ones, all while appreciating the true meaning of today-the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In addition, I'm blessed today to embark on my 30th birthday. I thank God for allowing me not only the opportunity to see a new year but a new decade of life. Now as I begin my 30s, I hope to take the experiences of my previous decade and apply it to my current life, becoming smarter and wiser with each new day.

God bless all of you. Stay warm, and Truth Speak!

Fri 10.14 "I've Got His Back...How About You?"

Hey there Truth Speak Viewers!

Our President needs your help to make sure that the March for Change continues forward! I've got his about you? Let's keep up the momentum and re-elect President Obama for a 2nd term!

Tue 6.7 "The Upcoming New Season Of Truth Speak Television!"

Hey there Truth Speak Viewers!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation, like I am! After a crazy 2010 and 2011 (to date), we are dawning on Season Two of Truth Speak Television! Of course, your favorite host with the most will be bringing you the mind challenging, thought provoking, discussion starting topics that you have already become well accustomed to, so stay right here and on YouTube (TobitShow) for all the breaking updates on our upcoming series of shows to begin in the fall!
In the meantime, let me pay homage to Mister Rick Harris, whose funk-tastic uptempo jazz and electronic groove beats will serve as our theme music for the upcoming season, as it did for the latter part of Season 1. Along with fellow artist and brother Patrick Harris, he is the co-founder of independent label Lyn-Rome Publishing! If you wanna hear some great tunes that you can dance to, check him out! Their link is below this post and at the links section on the right of the site.

Party hard this summer everyone...see you in the fall for Season 2!
Truth Speak, America!

Rick Harris-Phunkology

Lyn-Rome Publishing-On You Tube!

Fri 6.11 "2010 FIFA World Cup...The 1st Day Is Here!"

Hey Truth Speak Viewers!

While we are on summer break from Truth Speak TV, until our Truth Speak Summer Roundtable gets underway in July, I hope you all are taking in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa which starts TODAY! Without question, this is the greatest international sport because it unites an entire world...all countries come together, no matter what their current state or condition may be, there is always a storyline that everyone can relate to vicariously on that soccer field...or on the futbol field, internationally speaking!

I'm definitely sitting back and enjoying the next month as the world centers in on one location: South Africa! Hopefully you guys will do the same during the course of a great summer.

Truth Speak, America!

Fri 4.2 "Like It, Love It Or Leave It...America's Diversification!" [Pt.1]

Fri 4.2 "Like It, Love It Or Leave It...America's Diversification!" [Pt.2]

Fri 4.2 "Like It, Love It Or Leave It...America's Diversification!" [Pt.3]